Exercise Together at Home (Chinese Class) 家中運動- 強健心肺,增強抵抗力

Starts January 27, 2021 at 10:00 AM
Ends January 27, 2021 at 11:00 AM

This class is currently offered every 4th Wednesday of the Month at 10am on Zoom.
每個月第四個星期三都有“家中運動” 課程, 您只需要登記一次。

This group exercise is suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities, even those who are frail, deconditioned or mobility restricted. This session will incorporate low-impact cardio, flexibility, balance, and functional fitness movements while gently and safely engaging full range of motion (all movements will include modifications with chair or wall assistance).
在一小時裏一起運動的互動工作坊,適合任何年齡和任何體能的照顧者, 包括身體虛弱,身體老化或行動不便的照顧者們。在這工作坊裏,參加者會在安全的環境下進行適量的健身運動,有助紓緩筋骨,呼吸及平衡力。如有需要,可以用椅子或牆面來協助。

Please dress in appropriate clothing and footwear, and ensure that you have enough space to move freely without injury.

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This presentation is conducted in Cantonese (with Mandarin interpretation) and on Zoom.
這講座會在 Zoom 網上會議和以粵語來進行 (國語翻譯)。